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General Guidelines for Online Classes SY 2020-2021

General Guidelines for Online Classes SY 2020-2021

by Kindertech Admin -
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1. The portal for our online classes is You may access this via browser or via app (for Windows 10 Desktop, Android, and iOS).

 2. All announcements that may concern all levels (pre-school and elementary) are posted either in Facebook or via Moodle (Site Announcements). We recommend that you check it at least twice or thrice a week.

 3. The class schedule has already been posted in Moodle Site Announcements. (A) stands in the class schedule stands for asynchronous sessions, meaning it will be at the student's own pacing. (S) in the class schedule stands for synchronous sessions, meaning it will be a web conference session between the student and the teacher.

The class schedule labeled (A) for asynchronous sessions during Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays are just suggested time slots for your child to access their lessons online. However, they are free to choose whatever time they want to access their lessons during those days.

Synchronous sessions which are scheduled during Tuesdays-Thursdays and occasional Saturdays have a maximum of 30 minutes per subject. However, this may be shortened as deemed necessary if there will be no clarifications for the previous topic. Students are encouraged to attend to their online classes during this time. However, if students will miss their online web-conference during these days (T-Th), a recorded session will be available which will be uploaded every evening (around 6-8 PM) of Tuesdays and Thursdays. The link of these recorded sessions will be uploaded and shared via the Announcements per subject in Moodle (NOT via Site Announcements in the front page of Moodle).

4. There may be occasional work like exercises to be answered during Mondays and Wednesdays. However, Kindertech will try to veer away from giving student work during these days (especially for English, Math, and Science). Student work like assignments and exercises will be given only during these days when deemed necessary. Exercises and assignments (most especially for English, Math, and Science) will usually be given at the end of the week (Friday) for parents to assist their children in their lessons during the weekend. Filipino and AP have end-of-lesson exercises every meeting as these two subjects are modular. However, students may opt not to submit it at once (most especially for the lower grade levels in preschool up to Grade 3), and may opt to submit it during the weekend. Students will be given a week to submit all assigned tasks or exercises for the teacher to check it. We encourage students, however, to submit assigned tasks or exercises with the following time frame below so as to give ample time for us to check their work and give them necessary feedback on their answered assignments and exercises (most especially assigned tasks and assignments in word document or pdf format). Assigned tasks and exercises are usually automated in Moodle and will give the student the score/rating at once, once finished. This rating will also be sent to the student via e-mail.


for English, Math, and Science:

            Monday - lesson      

            Wednesday - lesson

            Friday  - lesson/exercise/assignment  (Assignment may be submitted at a                                            maximum of 1 week, Friday the following week)

for Filipino and Araling Panlipunan (AP):

            Monday         - lesson + exercise   

            Wednesday   - lesson + exercise

            Friday              - lesson + exercise

 5. Quizzes and Trimestral Exam/Assessment will be conducted online. Quizzes and Trimestral Exams will be time-constrained. However, Kindertech will be giving at a maximum two (2) attempts when answering quizzes and trimestral exams.

 6. Projects may be given during the term (1st/2nd/3rd trimester). However, these will be practical projects that can be done at home. Submission will be online - documented by either pictures or video with audio. Projects, if ever there will be, will be given a month in advance before the trimester ends.

 7. Kindertech will follow regular/legal and religious holidays. There will be no online/web-conference sessions if ever the holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday.

 8. If ever there will be typhoon signals, we encourage students to prepare for floods and listen to public/government announcements. Online classes will thereby be suspended if ever there will be severe weather disturbances like typhoon signal 2 or 3 (or whenever there will be power outages) or other natural disasters that will strike our locality. However, students are required to make-up for these classes which will be announced either on Facebook or through our LMS (Moodle).

 9. Our communication tool will be through e-mail:


or send us a message through the Moodle App.

However, if you need to reach us immediately, you may send a text message through our Kindertech mobile number (0922) 245 3568. You may also send a text message or call our mobile landline at the following numbers: (049) 576 0120 or (049) 576 8925 for urgent concerns.

 10. If ever your child will be unable to submit assignments on time. You may inform us the reason and submit the assignment through our submission bin in Moodle. All submission bins will have open dates, but assignments will have announced deadlines. The open dates for submission bins are for submission purposes only. Grades will be over-ridden as well for late submissions. We do, however, discourage late submission of assignments as this will not give the student an accurate picture of his/her skill or knowledge retention on that particular assigned subject matter.

 11. Other announcements or guidelines that were excluded in this list or circular may be announced at a later time whenever the administration thinks that it is necessary to implement.